Thursday, February 1, 2018

Farm in the City

We brought Olivia to Farm in the City when she was19 months old.

I remember that every other week when I was a SAHM, I would try to plan a new experience for her back then. First child privileges.

I hope that I will be able to maintain the same momentum if ever a second child comes along.
I can already feel my enthusiasm diminishing as the months go by - because it is getting more tiring to bring her out as she grows older.

I have to keep reminding myself on the importance of making memories and gaining new experiences together as a family. Life is just way too short. 

I love looking back at pictures of our family trips - they bring smile to my face because of all the wonderful memories.

Farm in the City was absolutely worth the drive all the way there - especially for city folks who rarely gets to see animals except when in the pet shop.

Chicks undergoing that awkward puberty stage.

A furry skunk

Lots of fishes and ducks to feed here.

Mike is always so "overprotective."  He's always stopping Olivia from going near animals.

Feeding the sheep.

They even have  fun activity - fishing for guppies ! However, it's SUPER HARD to even catch one.

Guinea pigs

Was so afraid that she would step or trip on one of them.

We even fed the racoons.

Farm in the City is a good introduction to animals for children.

There is more contact with the animals here so the experience that she had here was better than her visit to the zoo.

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