Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sun, Sea, Swim

I have very fond memories of beach holidays with the family when I was younger.
But now that I am OLDer, I am actually not much of a beach person.

I am actually a little scared of the sea. I hate sand flies. I do not like getting tan. I like swimming, but with my spare tyre, all my swim suits are just too tight and uncomfortable. HAHAHA. Maybe, it's time for a new swim suit.

But really, after coming back from a beach holiday, rest assured that I'd get some sort of rash on my legs after a dip in the sea.

I liked the pool because it's actually quite deep.

Trying out her Swim Trainer float that I just bought before the trip.

I felt that she kept slipping backwards in the float though. 
We had to keep lifting her up to push her forward.
Not sure if we properly put it on. Hmmm.

They have a kids' pool beside the adult pool.

The weather was good throughout the trip except for our last day here.

It was Olivia's first time at the beach.

Teaching her how to play with the sand.

She was a little apprehensive of the waves at first and was pretty scared.
But once she got used to it, she could not stop running towards the sea.

Can't wait for our next beach trip.
Hopefully she'll have as much fun.

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