Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Omotesando Ukai Tei

If I were to go to Tokyo again, I would most likely dine here again because the food is just fabulous! :)

Ambience. CHECK.
Food. CHECK.
Service. CHECK. 
Everything was just so good.

The service here was impeccable. It started to rain while we were having dessert and when we left, they gave us two brand spanking new umbrellas wrapped in plastic!

It was such a thoughtful gesture. Unfortunately, we forgot about the umbrellas and left it in a cab. *SOBS* We never got to use it too! 

We opted for the steak lunch course because the price was "in between" the most expensive and the cheapest set. Haha.

Appetizer - super fresh prawn!

Corn soup - served cold

Olivia enjoyed it!

We were seated in a private room. 

Olivia sat beside me on a chair with extra cushions to prop her up.

We had to let her watch her Youtube videos so that we could eat.

Perfectly cooked salmon


A perfect serving size for me would have been two portions of this piece of wagyu. HAHAHA.

Garlic fried rice - this one was just OK! Would have been better with some fried egg. Demanding much? Hahaha.

Beautiful view while we were ushered into another room for dessert

Good end to our meal

You can even pick as many selections as you want from the dessert tray when the waitress comes around! I only picked a few as I didn't want to appear to be too greedy but honestly, on the inside, I was dying to try everything there! Hahaha.

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