Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nishiki Market

We took a bus to Nishiki market and spent around 2 hours at the market.
It was tough pushing a stroller in the market as it was pretty crowded.

Near the entrance of the market where we entered from, there was a restaurant selling fresh oysters.

We were seated right at the entrance of the shop as we had a stroller and there was no place for us inside the restaurant to park our stroller.

Olivia was also napping in the stroller and that gave us the perfect opportunity to eat in peace!

Trying the various styles of oysters prepared - raw, grilled and boiled.

We also had a huge scallop !

Had some soy milk ice cream with brown sugar. Tasted exactly like tow fu fa in ice cream form.

Didn't quite like it as the ice cream was pretty icy.
I expected it to be creamy.

There's a Snoopy shop in the market too.

We decided to walk from the market to the nearest ramen store that we found on Google.

Can't recall the name but I did not quite enjoy it. 
Maybe it was because I was too stuffed from all the stuff I ate at the market.

However, this ramen shop had one small table in the store hence we could sit down and eat with Olivia seated beside me on the chair. The rest were counter stools.

We took a cab to Gion after that to eat ice cream and buy green tea powder at Tsujiri.

Basically, the highlight of my trip this time around was the food  :)

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