Saturday, July 1, 2017

I see RED!

The only temples/shrines that I planned to visit in Kyoto was the Fushimi Inari Shrine and Kiyomizu-Dera temple.

Only TWO temples to sight see for us in Kyoto and I had to be the one persuading the husband and parents-in-law to go there and take a look -_-"

The husband always shows me his super BORED or MEH face whenever I mention the "plan of the day". GEEZ. 

"Temples? Yawn. What is there to see?"

Yeap, he's THAT kind of traveller. Pffft.

Fushimi Inari

Doing the tourist thing

I love how it's so safe in Japan. Look at the strollers parked at the start of the Torii gates uphill walk.

I was reading reviews on whether to bring a stroller here or not but my advice is to just bring it with you and park it here like how the others do it unless your itinerary is solely just to see Fushimi Inari for the day and go back to the hotel after that.

Chances are that you'd have a full day ahead of you hence the question of whether should you bring a stroller or not is not much of an option.

The stroller is pretty much our "back saver". Haha.
Carrying Olivia in her carrier is so tiring after awhile!

Plus she gets to nap in her stroller comfortably as well.

Mike was not keen on walking up the steps so I went ahead on my own as I felt that standing around was a waste of time - but just look at Mike's face being happy standing around . . . .

We went to the entrance of Kiyomizu-dera and that's about it.
Nobody was keen on walking.

The only one happiest walking around was probably Olivia.

I wanted to revisit Kiyomizu-dera because I know that after this trip to Kyoto, I don't think I'll return in a long, long time because there's just so many other places to visit in the world !!!

And for that reason, I am just so GLAD that I've been to Kyoto before.
Had this been my first trip, I would have been so extremely disappointed.

It's Mike's first trip to Japan and all he seems to enjoy is taxi rides and eating.
He probably doesn't even remember any of the names of the places we visited.

Mike could get away with it during this trip because his parents were around . . . .
if not, I'd make it a "BOOT CAMP" in Japan for him!

After sightseeing, we walked for almost AN HOUR trying to look for a place to eat!

It was the most tiring ever hunt for a STREET that we did not manage to find.
That street supposedly had lots of restaurants there.

Mike used City Mapper and we were walking here and there and all around but we couldn't find the place. The heat was getting to us as well. It was a hot day.

Talk about temperatures rising. 
Mike's temper was rising. TSK tsk.
And when he starts getting annoyed and angry, I start getting angry at him for being angry.

We ended up walking into a random restaurant that specializes in crab dishes.
Honestly, I wasn't keen after the crab overload meal at Kani Doraku but we couldn't find any other place to eat at that was near.

A lot of restaurants seem to be closed on a Sunday.

Crab crab crab and RICE RICE RICE.

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