Monday, July 17, 2017

Dog Heart, Tokyo

Olivia adores dogs. Every day she will be asking us to bring her to see dogs !


Even until now, that she's 18 months old, she still keeps wanting to see dogs.

Every time she's outside the house, she will want to peek into our neighbour's house and will get extremely excited to see their dogs.

As Tokyo is famous for various animal cafes, we did a quick search on Google and visited Dog Heart in Shibuya which is supposed to be a dog cafe.

I envisioned a cafe where we could sit down and have some tea/coffee with dogs roaming around the place.

However, I was so surprised when we walked into the place to just see an empty space with dogs walking freely and humans sitting at around. 

When I got to the place, I felt like making a U-turn because of the totally different expectations that I had.

Olivia, on the other hand was SO HAPPY and could not wait to get past the gate.
Since we were already there, we paid for a half an hour session just to "play with dogs". 

It wasn't cheap.
After conversion, it was like RM90 for the 3 of us.

We had to control Olivia as she wanted to go around hugging each and every dog.

I will always remember how she did her happy excited stomp so many times in the room.
That face of true joy and love.

Here is Olivia trying to release herself from Mike's grip.

All the dogs were well behaved except for this annoying chi hua hua who kept barking at Olivia for God knows what reason. WHAT A MEANIE!

Olivia was so scared of this dog.
Just look at her expression!

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