Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sagano Scenic Railway

I had "meticulously" planned this railway ride after reading suggestions from others on Trip Advisor. I wanted to start the trip from Saga-Arashimaya - Kameoka and wanted to return from Kameoka - Torokko Arashimaya. 

I had written down in my notes which side to be seated at in order to get a better view and exactly what time I wanted to catch the train so that the timing would be right for us to have lunch once we were done with sightseeing.

However, things did not go as plan.

The intended day that I planned to take the scenic railway ride was booked out for the timing that I wanted. SAD!

I had to change the date of the train ride. Plus, I cannot remember whether it was my mistake or the ticketing guy's mistake but I booked the WRONG station for the starting leg of the trip. 

Instead of Saga-Arashimaya, the tickets were booked from Torokko Arashimaya and this would mean that we would have to walk 1.4 km from Saga-Arashimaya Station as there is no direct train to Torokko Arashimaya.

It wouldn't be an issue if we didn't have a baby with us. Every morning, it would take us approximately 1 and a half hours to get ready to go out!

That morning itself, by the time all of us were ready, we had limited time to get to Torokko Arashimaya and were afraid that we would miss our train ride.

We ended up taking a cab straight to Torokko Arashimaya from our hotel.

Needless to say, the cab fare cost us a BOMB!

It was drizzling that morning.

Showing Olivia the train

Here is Olivia being her usual self - "sleepy but trying to stay awake".
She was so cranky!

An all too common sight when travelling with a cranky toddler. Hahaha.

Finally, sound asleep at last.

Kameoka Station

There's nothing much to do around this station but somehow, time just flew. 

We were here for about an hour before we hopped on the train to head back to Arashimaya.

Exploring Kameoka

I was busy playing with the camera settings hence the different tones and hues of all the pictures in this post.

The most "exciting" activity at this stop - feeding the horses! 

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