Friday, June 2, 2017

Osaka Aquarium

Initially, I was planning to visit the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum when I was in Osaka because honestly, there's nothing much that interests me in Osaka when I perused through the list of things to do in Osaka.

The train ride to the museum would take us around an hour from where we stayed and the thought of Mike and my in-laws travelling all the way to an Instant Ramen Museum and their WTH expressions made me change the plan to visit Osaka Aquarium instead.

I remember visiting the aquarium during my last trip here and I remember feeling bored.
This time around it was a wee bit more exciting because I was excited for Olivia. HAHAHA.

So lucky to be a first born. Tsk tsk. 

The weather that day was just perfect.

I have so many candid daddy daughter pictures. Where are the candid mummy daughter pics, Mike?!

Osaka Aquarium

Olivia was excited as she saw the fishes.

But after seeing lots of fishes, she lost her interest along the way. Haha.

Cute seals


Loved the dolphins!

"Do you SEAL ME?!"

Pun intended. Haha.

We spent about half a day here and ate a horrible meal for lunch near the aquarium.
The miso soup had some slimy crap in it.

Olivia's appetite during this trip was rather bad.

I had to keep trying to buy all kinds of food to feed her - anything to make her eat!
I didn't care whether it was salty and sweet - as long as she ate.

I even bought her KFC for lunch but she didn't want to eat the popcorn chicken.
Thank goodness she ate the fries.

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