Friday, June 30, 2017

Itoh Dining Kyoto

The great part with travelling with a baby is that most places will give you a bigger table or private area to sit :)

I didn't make any arrangements for dinner on a Sunday night in Kyoto because I thought that we could explore Gion and just walk into any restaurant.

However, we changed our minds and decided to book a restaurant to ensure that we can get a place because during the weekend, most places are full or booked out.

Also, everyone didn't seem to be in the mood to "explore Gion" so it was best for us to just head out straight to the restaurant and back.

A few beef teppanyaki restaurants that we wanted to try were booked out. 
However, we managed to get a table at Itoh dining at the very last minute.

We were ushered upstairs to a private room with a pretty nice view overlooking the river.

It's a pity that shortly later, it became dark and we couldn't see much. Haha.

Loved the private room especially when you have a toddler that can't sit still.

Mushroom soup

Garlic fried rice

Salmon sashimi

Yellow tail carpaccio, couscous and spring vegetables

Grilled fish with miso sauce

Foie Gras

MmmmmMm Kobe Beef


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