Thursday, June 1, 2017

I dream of Matsusaka Beef

I had such a good time in Japan I didn't want to go back.
Also, this was my first holiday this year.
I have been so holiday starved.

Travelling with a 16-month old is definitely more challenging especially now that she's eating solids (and it doesn't help how she learned to say NO during this trip) and also because she can walk now.

I'll save that for another post on travelling with a toddler to Japan.

In the meantime, here are just some pictures (mostly, pictures of BEEF) lol :

This is my second time in Osaka. 

I am just so glad and thankful that I've travelled to Japan before and did all the touristy things because this time around, things sure have changed with the baby around.

The highlight of my travels are now food based.
My eyes are constantly on Olivia so I can't enjoy much of the sights around Japan. 
During the trip, I was literally her shadow - always, running after her.

Even when it comes to taking pictures, it takes so much effort to take out my camera or Iphone and I'm always "missing moments" to capture - if you know what I mean! SIGH!

Oh, I've gotta thank my sis for lending me her camera for this trip.
I haven't used a digital camera in AGES and now I'm so tempted to get one for myself again.

It made me reminisce on the good ol' days where I would use my camera to take pictures of - everything! I actually enjoy taking pictures and playing with the camera settings.

Her camera has lots of cool settings.

Family pic :)

I made a reservation at Yakiniku M, Dotonbori a few weeks prior to arriving in Osaka.

My browser was filled with searches on "baby friendly restaurants", "good food baby friendly restaurants" during the weeks leading up to the trip - LOL.

I would be reading reviews by "Couples with children/kids" before deciding on the restaurant.

Initially, I was worried that Olivia would touch the stove but we seated her further away from it. 

Plus, the restaurant gave her a child seat so we buckled her to the chair so that she will not be able to run/walk around.

We saved the best for the last but all the meats were good!

First round demo by the waitress. After that, your'e on your own! Thanks to the hubs who was the "grill master" that night. Tee hee.

The fried rice here is a must -it's SO so good!
Olivia totally enjoyed it - the rice!

However, she didn't like the beef!
She was on a  "meat strike" during this trip and would constantly spit everything out.
Eating was a really messy affair.

This was also worth getting - beef sushi!

I ate so much beef during this trip!
No regrets. Haha.

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