Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gion Nanba Kyoto

I booked dinner at Gion Nanba to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.

I was on the lookout for "Michelin star" kaiseki meal restaurants that were "affordable" and "baby friendly" and there weren't that many to choose from because a lot of restaurants that I looked up initially have a no children policy.

Furthermore, most restaurant bookings required me to make a phone call via the hotel which I found a hassle. However, Gion Namba takes online reservations, so it was really convenient!

I read a couple of reviews before deciding on Gion Nanba and most of the reviews were positive.

I also watched the video on their website on how to find this place several times because it can be tricky to walk through the small lanes to get to this restaurant.

Sake to start the night

This appetiser was so good. This was scallop with tomato. 

This was like the tastiest tomato that I've ever had in my entire life. It was so sweet and juicy.

I forgot what this is - some tofu dish with leek - I didn't quite like the taste of the "green thing".

Can never go wrong with sashimi in Japan :)

Liked this unique dish - some prawn with roe

I've been wanting to eat Kyoto's pickled mackerel sushi and I finally got to try it here!

By the time the grilled fish came, I was crazy stuffed.

Pictured above is the portion for four people before they served it individually.

I gave Olivia almost my entire fish. She loved it!

I loved this dish! Beancurd with uni. I really liked this combination.

Cod fish in some very thick jelly-like broth. 

My father-in-law enjoyed this alot. 
Just like Mike, they're both "soup people".

We had a private area to ourselves - maybe it was because we had a baby with us and the counter seats weren't an option! Haha.

Olivia could not sit still and was restless so we had to let her watch videos.
Youtube Kids - a total life saver.

And oh, we got ourselves the Ninja Wifi router for portable wifi after reading a blogger's product endorsement....which btw, I would not recommend!

The connection we experienced was really shit. 
It disconnected so often and videos took ages to load.
Our hotel wifi was way faster!

Our server was really friendly and kept entertaining Olivia each time she came to serve us food.

Some steamed rice with ginger - I really couldn't stomach this when it arrived because the food was up to my throat. . . .

....but when the dessert came, my "second stomach" made room for it! HAHAHA.

This was some jelly and yam dessert.

This was so tantalising ! Ice cream with wine.
So so good!

The last thing we were served was an authentic cup of green tea.

Perhaps, we should have opted for the 8,000 yen course instead of the 10,000 yen course because all of us felt way TOO full!

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