Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Deer Watching

The weather was perfect.
We had some time to kill after visiting Osaka Aquarium.
We decided to hop on the train and head to Nara.

I was looking forward to walking around Nara but when traveling with the Chins *ahem* ... walking isn't usually part of their plan. 

We ended up just walking 5 minutes from the train station.

I bought some biscuits to feed the deer and there were a few biscuit addicts that kept following me around.

The funny thing is that after feeding the deer, Olivia kept mimicking me and started trying to feed almost everything! Hahaha.

She would pretend to pinch some "food" from her hand and extend it out and say "MUM MUM" - She'd do it to us, to stuffed animals and even to characters on the TV.

My funny child!
She still does it until today - especially when she sees DOGS!

She's at this adorable phase and I wish she'd stay this adorable forever and ever!

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