Saturday, April 15, 2017

14 months

Sometimes, as I read posts of parents gushing about their children, I can't help but think to myself on how obsessive some of them sound.

I have to make a mental note to myself on not to be like that, subconsciously and wonder if I do sound like that.

I remember an ex colleague listing down all the words her son could say.
In my head, I was yawning away (then), when I was childless.

Hence, this post may be boring to most of you as well but I'm documenting it down for the sake of remembering.

At Olivia's current development pace, I can't keep up with remembering too many things.

If you were to ask me when did she start sitting up, standing up, etc, all her milestones are a blur to me unless I read old posts or if I did document them down somewhere because I can't really remember exactly when.

At 14 months, she would always want to hold our hands while walking in malls.

Sometimes she would want two people holding her hand on each side while she would walk in the middle as she isn't steady with her walking.

Gone are the days when she would sit quietly in her stroller. I miss those days. Hahaha.
Now she wants to get out to walk all over the place!

She is fascinated by touching cold drinks.

This little copycat wants to do what every other kid does in the mall.

This bull ride isn't meant for young kids but she was making so much noise so we had to just ask for a favour to let her sit on the bull for a couple of seconds.

She was SO pleased.

This car ride is also for older kids but she wanted to sit in it SO BADLY.

And at this age, if she doesn't get her way, you know what happens. ZZZzzz.

It took some time to coax her to get out of the car!

Her tantrums during this period are challenging to deal with when we're outside.

At home, I'll just let her cry and get angry but when we're out, I tend to give in to her so that she won't make a scene although I know that I shouldn't.

Her current favourite words are :-

DOG DOG (whenever she hears the neighbour's dog barking).

NO-NOSE - while pointing at her nose. She would tell us she knows where her nose is like more than 10 times a day. I'm guessing what will be the next body part word buzz for her. Before this, it was HEAD.

BA BA - this could mean many, many things - asking me to sing Baa Baa black sheep, or she could be referring to Barney the dinosaur, or asking me to turn on the TV for her.

BOOKS! All day, everyday.

Almost every book has a torn page :~(
Especially those with flaps.
She'll try to peel through the pages.

I'm always mending her books.

In the span of a month, she now walks pretty steadily and she can even walk up the stairs now (supervised of course).

She loves to ask for her toothbrush to brush her teeth.
Think that she's influenced by some videos she watched - "this is the way we brush our teeth.." - familiar?

Baby songs have now taken over my household.
From Korean OSTs to Nursery Rhymes and children's songs! LOL. And oh, I have to sing to her multiple times a day - like a jukebox on the go played by request.

Her favourite "hit" song of the month - Itsy Bitsy spider.

She now has like 6 teeth all coming out simultaneously.
LOTS and lots of drool the past few weeks.

She still does not like being alone, at home.
Someone always has to be around her.

But when she's out at the malls, it's as though she has her wings to freedom.
She isn't afraid of being left alone.

I always use the "bye bye technique" to get her moving or going whenever she refuses to budge.

Even when I said bye bye and walk away, half the time she will ignore me and I'll have to carry her because she won't follow me -_-"

She doesn't even listen to me at all during her Little Gym sessions!

While all the other babies (most babies to be exact), will be sitting with their caretaker/parent(s) during joint activities, Olivia will be wandering all around the gym exploring and doesn't come to me whenever I call her. TSK TSK.

She doesn't listen to me!

I know that this is just the beginning. . . . .
and a parent told me that "they start young."

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