Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One month behind

My posts are all about a month behind time.
I've been writing on Dayre as I find it easier to post daily snippets there.

CNY just came and went this year.
I remember last CNY, I had reunion dinner at home as well and was still going through confinement.
This year, so much has change now that Olivia is a year old.

She sure had a feast herself during CNY munching on tidbits here and there
and taking little sips of packet drinks too.

She loves trying new flavours. She's a curious little one.

Reunion dinner @ home

I only cooked the steamed fish, stir fried vegetables and pepper pork soup.
Roast pork was cooked by my mum and my parents-in-law brought char siew and chicken.

Dinner at my grandmother's house the next day.

Mandatory family picture :)

Grandmother's mee suah - a blessing to be eating it every CNY for the past 20 years.

Thai laksa lunch at my parents' place.

Self timer pic

Everything oso wan this girl ah! Haha.

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