Friday, February 17, 2017

Olivia's 1st Birthday

Months prior to Olivia's 1st birthday, I was already busy planning her birthday party.
Nowadays, planning birthday parties are just as tiring as planning for a wedding.

Sometimes, I do miss the days when parties were way simpler like having a birthday cake and a few buckets of KFC.

I know that ultimately, I do have a choice to throw a simple party if I wanted to but honestly, sometimes I tend to succumb to "societal pressure" of how 1 year old birthday parties are thrown in this current generation.

Now being a parent, I don't want my child to miss out on experiences that other parents provide for their children. 

It can get pretty toxic and unhealthy when one doesn't know when to draw the line. 

I didn't want to spend "too much" on a birthday that Olivia won't possibly remember hence I opted to DIY the dessert table and deco bits (that I can possibly do on my own).

However, "DIY" isn't as cheap as it seems though or perhaps, everything is just so expensive these days. 

The reason why I picked a rubber ducky theme is because Olivia loves the song 5 Little Ducks.

Unsurprisingly, apart from her first word being Da Da, the second was DUCK!

Although the dessert table looks pretty simple, it was hard work for me because I was spending a lot of my time trying to source for the best "value for money" items! 

Would have been way easier if I didn't compare prices.

I managed to get a lot of wonderful ideas from Pinterest!

Birthday cake was sponsored by the sister.

Duck table cloth that I purchased from Aliexpress. Initially, I had wanted to use it as a table cloth for the dessert table but it was way too small.

I cut out the ducks during my free time and stuck it on paper bags that I purchased from Daiso.

One thing about DIY is the need to be resourceful - knowing where to source for items!

Just to share, Kaison is AMAZING for those of you who are in need of party decorations.
Daiso as well, as we all know.

Happy 1st birthday darling!

I baked a cake for Olivia's cake smash and my sister helped me to ice it.

It took a long time for Olivia to smear her entire hand with cream.

I am beginning to suspect that most "cake smash" pics are fake - especially those with perfectly smeared cream on the cheeks. LOL.

I had to wait for her to poke and prod the cake for a long time.
She didn't even "smash" the cake or eat it! -_-"

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