Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sydney Snippets

Weather in Sydney was way better than Melbourne. Thank God for that.

Wasn't easy pushing a stroller while holding an umbrella at the same time in Melbourne.

Just a pic taken at the Westfield food court - feast for the eyes.

I was busy catching Pokemon in Sydney and so was everybody else. 2016 - the year of Pokemon Go craze.

A must do every time in Sydney - Dining @ Hurricanes!

Thought of Mike as I ate here because my first dining experience here was with him.

Unfortunately, he didn't join us during this trip.

Another must do for me - Visit Sydney's Fish market!

"Is this for me?"

Totalling missing Bourke Street Bakery's delicious pastries and sandwiches. So so good.

.....and to think that you won't be able to remember a thing about this trip!

Oh how we had to continuously entertain you and carry you and pick up everything that you threw down from the high chair! Plus, you had your first taste of ice cream too which you absolutely loved!

We went here twice - Black Star Pastry with their 'star' pastry ! JUST look at that!

Tourist shot!

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