Sunday, December 4, 2016

Brunch munch munch

All I can say is  - I MISS the food in Melbourne !

Mike suggested to go to Melbourne again next year and at first, I was like - Melbourne AGAIN?!
But now that I'm going through the pics of food (lol), HMMM, maybe we should?

I'm so torn between travelling and saving next year.
And, this has always been a long time dilemma of mine - however, temptation always gets the better of me -_-

With my financial goals being far out of reach, a baby in tow PLUS with the current gloomy economic sentiment, I know that 2017 is the season for saving. 

If you were to ask me to fork out the same amount today on fine dining as I did in the past, I don't think I would do so now - partly because my interests and priorities have changed as well.

I didn't realise how much I used to spend until I stopped working.

Higher Ground Melbourne

Journeyman Cafe


World's best babysitter

Hardware Societe


Brunswick Flour Mill

The Kettle Black

x x x x x x x

Totally missing the Ricotta Hotcakes! So so good.

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