Monday, November 14, 2016


There were many occasions when I thought that Olivia was teething but it turned out to be a false alarm. However, during our trip in Melbourne, her teeth just HAD to show up!

At 8 months old, her first tooth started showing.

She would be drooling - ALOT - patches of drool would be on the bedsheets.
She was also extra fussy and would be biting away at her teethers.

It wasn't easy travelling with a teething baby.
She would constantly wake up throughout the night!

But looking back, I'm amazed at how we managed to travel with Olivia throughout the day.
Most of the time, we would be out from morning til night bringing everything that we needed for the day. 

Breastfeeding really makes everything so much more easier when travelling ! ;)

I'm so glad that we decided on bringing her Combi stroller because it's self standing and it also made our lives much more easier - especially when dining in crowded restaurants, we could just easily fold the stroller and put it aside against the wall.

The only con is that the stroller is so bulky that it takes almost the entire space in the car boot. 

We needed two cars to pick us up from our airport because our luggage bags could not fit into the boot with the stroller. Even when travelling to the airport from home, we hired a taxi van.

My once toothless baby now has 5 teeth at 10 months old.

The teething never really ends until her whole set of teeth appear !!!

I've noticed that her eczema tends to flare up every single time a new tooth emerges. WHAT is up with that? Urghhhh.

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The pictures below are totally unrelated to the above topic.

PHO FIX in Melbourne !

Pho in Boxhill

Pho in Springvale - it was such an adventure eating here.

We arrived rather late (literally on the dot at the closing time at 8 pm). 

We were just thankful that the shop owner allowed us to dine there.

Pho goodness sake. 8 pm closing time? Pho real? 

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