Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Axil Coffee Roasters

My cousin's boyfriend introduced this place to us for brunch.
The food was good !

Pictures usually don't tell you what goes on behind the scenes.

Half the time, I am actually pretty much tired, tired, TIRED !!!!

Although Mike does help me here and there, but I'm still tired because I'm the main caretaker and Olivia still doesn't sleep throughout the night. WHEN OH WHEN?!

My "work shifts" are round the clock. 

When we are out, we are usually taking turns to eat our meal hence it is indeed a blessing to be able to eat your meal WARM with a baby.

Most of the time, my food is already cold by the time I dig in.

Sometimes, Mike helps to cut my food into bite sizes so that I can eat with ease while attending to Olivia.

Baked eggs + chorizo + pumpkin grain toast

Rosemary + lemon crumbed chicken burger

Because I'm still breastfeeding, I have to avoid creams and cheeses and milk (dairy, in particular) because of Olivia's eczema. 

I MISS EATING CHEESE! I haven't eaten carbonara in ages and I love carbonara.
I miss eating cereal + milk.
I MISS eating cheesecake.
I miss drinking chocolate milk.
I miss Llao llao frozen yoghurt.

Can't wait to stop breastfeeding. Told Mike, that I'd celebrate by ordering a pizza when that day arrives !!!

This was some special that day - it had duck in it.

The Roaster's breakfast

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