Thursday, September 1, 2016


I still remember that when I came back from my Bali trip,
when we brought Olivia home,
that night she fell asleep in the cot all by herself
and I was so amazed!

She was playing around and when I checked on her, she was sleeping.
I thought that - FINALLY, she has indeed grown up
and that I could catch up with sleep!

HOWEVER, I spoke too soon
because the next day, it was back to square one all over again -
she was back to her old self -_-"

However, I have noted that she does not wake up as easily as before (only during day time naps)
but her naps are like pretty fixed at 20-30 minutes MAX unless I am sleeping or laying beside her throughout her nap - she can go up to 40 minutes -_-"

Babies are indeed a mystery.
Until today, I wonder how is it that Olivia knows that I am not beside her in bed.

At night, whenever she sleeps, the moment I quietly sneak out of bed to do my own things,
around 5 minutes later she will start crying and screaming.

I think that it will be a LONG time more
before she will be able to "sleep throughout the night. ('STTN")"

Every time she gets up at night, she has to latch to be able to fall asleep again.

On lucky days, the pacifier works but there are days, when she just gets SO annoyed that it's a pacifier that she starts screaming.

I think that I can forget about using that particular STTN milestone card. LOL.

Babies start becoming more fun once they touch 6 months.
Their personality also seems to start showing even more than before.

They are so curious and they want to touch and see everything.

Actually, I am not sure if it's their "personality" or a normal baby thing
but Olivia has a temper !

Whenever she is angry or upset, she will arch her back and fling herself backwards - especially when you don't give in to her. Tough love, indeed.

Olivia, although she does not cry as much as before, she still does cry a fair bit unfortunately.
She seems to suffer from separation anxiety - she just cannot be alone (unless she is distracted with something).

I often wonder to myself how will Olivia be like if I were working and weren't a SAHM.
Would she actually be easier to manage because she would be "conditioned" to learn how to be alone and "independent"? Hmmm. I really have no idea. 

Olivia has started solids too !

She isn't that picky of an eater though - she seems to eat almost everything that I have prepared for her like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and broccoli.

Recently I have made pork porridge for her as well and she seems to enjoy it
but poo wise, I'm not enjoying it. Hahaha.

This past few weeks, she managed to crawl - she only started crawling close to 7 months.
She started sitting up on her own about a week after she could crawl.

And now, she has been pulling herself up in the cot to stand up
and it's so cute to see her looking absolutely pleased with her ability to stand up.

Can't wait for the day when we can have meaningful conversations. Haha.
BUT before that, I can't wait for the day that she calls me MUMMY! :D