Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Return to Kendi Kuning

Two years ago, we went for our honeymoon in Bali and dined at Kendi Kuning. CLICK.
As we had a good and memorable dining experience then, we decided to head there again.

The restaurant has since moved from Nusa Dua to Seminyak.

However, I was extremely blur during this trip. 

When Mike told me that the restaurant looked different when we drove past it in the day, I insisted that it was the same.

I blame it on the post pregnancy brain.

The restaurant setting is no longer a beach dining setting but a garden setting.

Psychologically, eating seafood along the beach just makes it more satisfying as opposed to eating seafood surrounded by plants.

We were given mosquito repellent/lotion that I used because there were mosquitoes!

The restaurant isn't as packed as how I recall it to be which isn't too bad of a thing
because I remember that we had to wait for ages for our food the last round.

Initially, I was skeptical on the freshness of the seafood
however, the seafood we had was fresh and tasty!

Apparently, the seafood comes in fresh daily from their vendor and if it is not sold, it will be returned back the next day.

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