Monday, August 15, 2016

Lobster Pince and Pints

When this restaurant first opened in Bangsar, I wanted to try it out
but of course, the price factor made me put this place on hold 
because pricey meals are to be saved for special occasions.

Reviews from family and friends on this place was that it's expensive and that the lobster is small.
I suppose that most would expect a fat ass lobster with the hefty price but then again, it's just that . . . our Ringgit is so SMALL! :(

And lobsters to me are always associated with luxury since I was small
because I have never came across a cheap lobster (except for those sold seasonally at Aeon).

As it was the husband's birthday, we had a reason to head there!

Actually, it was the husband who mentioned that he wanted to try it out
because I kind of forgot about wanting to eat here.

Fine dining and expensive meals are a thing of the past for me
especially now with the additional expenses at home #keepingitreal

I need to start on "Project Frugal" soon !
If it ever kicks off, I will write about the plans I have for minimising our household expenses. Hahaha. Wish me luck.

In all honesty, I really enjoyed my meal here.

The lobster noodles was good.
I liked the lobster roll too.

However, I do not fancy the chilli lobster sauce but that is probably just a personal preference.

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