Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Husband's birthday

The only time I ever cook "home cooked" meals at home is when I am too lazy to instruct my domestic helper on "what to do" so I'll just whip it up by myself (provided that it is easy to cook) - I'll usually cook pastas on my own and anything else - I'll just ask her to do it.

IF I did not have any help at home, I think that I'd start catering meals.

Baby O can only play independently for a very, very short period of time.
The moment she is alone, she'd start bawling her eyes out
and I would not be able to accomplish anything during the day.

I would let her cry though if I had a choice but I don't
because the moment she is stressed or frustrated, she will start scratching herself 
and digging her nails into her skin (on her face and neck) !

That is why there are days that her skin is just full of scabs :(

With her current sensitive skin, I literally do not have a choice but to stop her from "self harming" herself unknowingly.

Even for the husband's birthday meal, I got my mother's help to do marketing and she delivered the stuff to my house a few days before.

In the morning, I wrote down a list of things for my domestic helper to do - boil chicken bones, cooked hard boiled eggs, fry garlic til crispy, cut spring onions,  chillies, fry fish, etc.

So what I did was to just cook the noodles, add seasoning into the broth, boil the pork ribs and cook the prawns and serve it! 

I ain't no superwoman at home !!!

Birthday mee suah

Baby O looking miserable - because she was ! Her poor, poor skin.

Cake was by Fat Deb Bakes. Asked for a golf cake - taste wise it was good but the "hole" on the cake could have been aesthetically better. Hahaha.

Later in the day, we just hung out @ The Gardens.

Birthday dinner @ Yuzu

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