Thursday, August 4, 2016

Eat Well Drink Well

We saw a lot of people dining at Eat Well Bali as we walked past the restaurant in the afternoon.
We headed there for dinner for some porky meaty goodness.

It was pretty packed at night as well.

Crispy pork belly - highly addictive BUT too much fats for my liking.

The pork chop serving was generous. 

It actually is served with mashed potatoes but I requested for a change as their mashed potatoes contains dairy. 

It also comes with a creamy spinach that I couldn't eat.

The pork chop is tasty and the portion is good for two people actually but I didn't know that before I ordered.

The steak was just alright though.

After dinner, what's next?

I miss having dessert though.
Going on a dairy free diet isn't easy !!!

We had drinks at Toro Bar, just a minute away from the hotel we stayed at.
It's literally beside the hotel.

I call this my "mum hair" look. Hahaha.

My hair is perpetually tied up and clipped with a crocodile hair clip.
Plus, it always looks extremely messy -_-"

Maybe I should just crop it off again.

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