Monday, August 15, 2016

Lobster Pince and Pints

When this restaurant first opened in Bangsar, I wanted to try it out
but of course, the price factor made me put this place on hold 
because pricey meals are to be saved for special occasions.

Reviews from family and friends on this place was that it's expensive and that the lobster is small.
I suppose that most would expect a fat ass lobster with the hefty price but then again, it's just that . . . our Ringgit is so SMALL! :(

And lobsters to me are always associated with luxury since I was small
because I have never came across a cheap lobster (except for those sold seasonally at Aeon).

As it was the husband's birthday, we had a reason to head there!

Actually, it was the husband who mentioned that he wanted to try it out
because I kind of forgot about wanting to eat here.

Fine dining and expensive meals are a thing of the past for me
especially now with the additional expenses at home #keepingitreal

I need to start on "Project Frugal" soon !
If it ever kicks off, I will write about the plans I have for minimising our household expenses. Hahaha. Wish me luck.

In all honesty, I really enjoyed my meal here.

The lobster noodles was good.
I liked the lobster roll too.

However, I do not fancy the chilli lobster sauce but that is probably just a personal preference.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Engagement Party

Ash planned an engagement party to celebrate Ying's engagement.
There's always a reason to celebrate.

Had tea @ Maison Francaise.

I always can't seem to think of places to have tea but when I do, this place just pops up automatically. It's not because tea here is superb but it's the ambience that makes it worthwhile for photo taking! :)

There was also a theme - ahem - "Gossip Girl". 

The last time I watched GG was easily 10 years ago.

I can never keep up with American drama series because there are just way too many seasons!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Husband's birthday

The only time I ever cook "home cooked" meals at home is when I am too lazy to instruct my domestic helper on "what to do" so I'll just whip it up by myself (provided that it is easy to cook) - I'll usually cook pastas on my own and anything else - I'll just ask her to do it.

IF I did not have any help at home, I think that I'd start catering meals.

Baby O can only play independently for a very, very short period of time.
The moment she is alone, she'd start bawling her eyes out
and I would not be able to accomplish anything during the day.

I would let her cry though if I had a choice but I don't
because the moment she is stressed or frustrated, she will start scratching herself 
and digging her nails into her skin (on her face and neck) !

That is why there are days that her skin is just full of scabs :(

With her current sensitive skin, I literally do not have a choice but to stop her from "self harming" herself unknowingly.

Even for the husband's birthday meal, I got my mother's help to do marketing and she delivered the stuff to my house a few days before.

In the morning, I wrote down a list of things for my domestic helper to do - boil chicken bones, cooked hard boiled eggs, fry garlic til crispy, cut spring onions,  chillies, fry fish, etc.

So what I did was to just cook the noodles, add seasoning into the broth, boil the pork ribs and cook the prawns and serve it! 

I ain't no superwoman at home !!!

Birthday mee suah

Baby O looking miserable - because she was ! Her poor, poor skin.

Cake was by Fat Deb Bakes. Asked for a golf cake - taste wise it was good but the "hole" on the cake could have been aesthetically better. Hahaha.

Later in the day, we just hung out @ The Gardens.

Birthday dinner @ Yuzu

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Eat Well Drink Well

We saw a lot of people dining at Eat Well Bali as we walked past the restaurant in the afternoon.
We headed there for dinner for some porky meaty goodness.

It was pretty packed at night as well.

Crispy pork belly - highly addictive BUT too much fats for my liking.

The pork chop serving was generous. 

It actually is served with mashed potatoes but I requested for a change as their mashed potatoes contains dairy. 

It also comes with a creamy spinach that I couldn't eat.

The pork chop is tasty and the portion is good for two people actually but I didn't know that before I ordered.

The steak was just alright though.

After dinner, what's next?

I miss having dessert though.
Going on a dairy free diet isn't easy !!!

We had drinks at Toro Bar, just a minute away from the hotel we stayed at.
It's literally beside the hotel.

I call this my "mum hair" look. Hahaha.

My hair is perpetually tied up and clipped with a crocodile hair clip.
Plus, it always looks extremely messy -_-"

Maybe I should just crop it off again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Return to Kendi Kuning

Two years ago, we went for our honeymoon in Bali and dined at Kendi Kuning. CLICK.
As we had a good and memorable dining experience then, we decided to head there again.

The restaurant has since moved from Nusa Dua to Seminyak.

However, I was extremely blur during this trip. 

When Mike told me that the restaurant looked different when we drove past it in the day, I insisted that it was the same.

I blame it on the post pregnancy brain.

The restaurant setting is no longer a beach dining setting but a garden setting.

Psychologically, eating seafood along the beach just makes it more satisfying as opposed to eating seafood surrounded by plants.

We were given mosquito repellent/lotion that I used because there were mosquitoes!

The restaurant isn't as packed as how I recall it to be which isn't too bad of a thing
because I remember that we had to wait for ages for our food the last round.

Initially, I was skeptical on the freshness of the seafood
however, the seafood we had was fresh and tasty!

Apparently, the seafood comes in fresh daily from their vendor and if it is not sold, it will be returned back the next day.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bo & Bun in Seminyak, Bali

We were walking aimlessly around Seminyak and were deciding on whether we should take a cab out to have lunch or just go somewhere nearby.

Mike then decided to just try out Bo & Bun which was opposite the road from where we stood.

Love spring rolls!

We both decided on the beef noodles each.

One bowl cost us IDR80,000 which is about RM25.

Portion was small in my opinion and once service charge and tax was included, the bill came up to about RM90 for a very simple meal.

Monday, August 1, 2016

TS Suites in Bali

The exterior of the hotel didn't look too appealing at first but the moment I stepped in, I was somewhat relieved because the hotel wasn't too shabby after all.

I picked this hotel because of the reasonable price and the facilities (because I thought that we would be hotel bound with the baby). 

However, Baby O did not join us on this trip because of her skin condition and I am actually glad that we didn't bring her. It was just so REFRESHING to be able to go on a holiday just like the "good ol' days". Hahaha. 

I really miss traveling light ! With the baby, you have to literally pack her entire room with you.

What do you call the person who works at the hotel lobby? Receptionist? Hmmm. I had to google this - apparently the one who manages the booking is known as a desk clerk.

Anyway, at TS Suites, they are called GROs. LOL! Sounds so wrong, I know.

We were attended to by a male GRO with a very flamboyant demeanour (if you get what I mean) . . . and I could not help but think whether . . . . (tee hee). Just kidding.

. . . . anyway, we were brought for a tour around the hotel by the "GRO" and TS Suites is apparently a "hip hotel" - that's the hotel concept . . . . and there would be music playing 24/7 in the hotel.

At first I thought that he was referring to these two performers (pictured above) playing some musical instrument opposite the hotel lobby and I was thinking to myself  - 24/7 performers? NOT BAD for the price we paid.

Anyhow, the music that he was referring to was coming from the hotel sound system that plays when you're at the lobby or outside the hotel room. CHEH. 

I am such a wishful thinker. Indeed I am.

TS Suites reminds me of Aloft hotel - the hotel has a business feel and a modern take to it.

Room was clean. Drinks and Kit Kat in the fridge are complimentary ! 

I booked this room (TS Shell room) with Baby O in mind - thinking that I would have to bathe her in the bath tub because she is afraid of the shower.

This is where we had our buffet breakfast. I actually like the interior design. The chairs are pretty!

There's also a pool table.

This is where food is served every morning. Wouldn't have opted for buffet breakfast in Seminyak if we were to travel without the baby because there are so, so many good breakfast/brunch restaurants around!

The pool - where technology takes precedence over swimming.
Almost everybody was on their phone !


I was busy Pokemon hunting in the hotel. For real.
Mike thought that I was mad.
The staff probably thought that I had forgotten my room number.

I walked up and down the lobby and all around the floor where our hotel room was on.

I also walked around Seminyak town with my phone in my hand the whole time while Mike held my hand as I walked treating me like a blind bat. BLINDED by Pokemon.

Honestly, I am worried once the game launches in Malaysia.
Excited but worried at the same time.

I can already imagine snatch thieves on bikes grabbing your phone or robbing you as you are too engrossed in the game.

As the game loads, you will be reminded to be alert of your surroundings
but honestly, the warning is so easy to dismiss as all that one would care for is for the game to just LOAD ASAP - gotta catch 'em all!

I myself was so addicted to the game I couldn't even take my eyes off my screen. 
Whatmore kids when they are playing!
Parental supervision is definitely required for Pokemon Go, in my opinion.

The gym overlooking the pool.

Spa room. 

I wouldn't recommend the massage here though. Tried it and have experienced way better massages outside.

On top of our massage, we both picked a body scrub session thinking that it would be a nice relaxing body scrub BUT it was literally like SANDPAPER rubbing against your skin.

I asked the girl - "ERMM... don't you put water or something with the scrub?!"
"OH, the scrub is like this."

The body scrub is like literally taking salt and massaging it all over your body!
It was painful.

I remember the Thai body scrub I once had in Bangkok was so relaxing and nice.
Maybe this is Balinese style? 

I also picked this hotel because it had a children's play room.
They have balls in the play pen too!

The hotel also has computers for you to use to surf the net and a mini library too.
Facilities wise, I would give it a 9/10.

Food wise, I read some reviews of people raving about the breakfast here.

It was just average in my opinion because they didn't serve Nutella at the pancakes section. LOLOL.
Jokes aside, variety is okay but taste wise, it was just mediocre.

I judge how good a buffet breakfast is by tasting their fried rice and noodles so you can't trust my judgement either.

Wasn't paid to review this hotel. In fact, I PAID to review this place. #SAD

I do not usually write reviews on my blog but this time around I made an exception just because I took a lot of pictures of the hotel. Hehe :)