Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wacko Burger Cafe, Bali

Two weeks ago, we went for a short weekend getaway in Bali.
Also, for the first time in Bali, I got conned and was fuming in the cab.

One thing that makes me extremely mad is dishonesty. 

We will usually hire a cab from the official taxi counter at the airport. However, this time around, they hid the display of prices and despite me asking the guy at the booth on why was the board price "blocked", he totally ignored me.

There were two boards publishing the prices side by side listing down the fares of various locations around Bali and one of the boards was partially overlapping the other with the prices being blocked.

At first I thought that perhaps, they did not notice that one of the boards was blocking the other but Mike told me that it was obviously deliberate.

The unscrupulous guy manning the counter simply quoted us a price.
When we questioned him on the outrageous price, he then reduced it. PFFT.

Prior to this, we have never encountered such a problem as we would usually be quoted the published rate which was transparent to all.

After paying for the cab at the counter, a guy came up to us asked us to follow him. 

I asked him whether he was the taxi driver and he said yes but it turns out he was a bloody crook as well. He brought us to the taxi and then asked for money for helping to pull our luggage bag.

I didn't want to pay him a single cent and just get in the cab and ask the taxi driver to drive off but Mike gave him some money because Mike didn't want to "mess around in Bali.

Anyhow, it was a lesson well learned.

Never let your guard down! 

Also, IF this is going to be how it works moving forward to catch a cab from the airport, I would rather ask the hotel to arrange for pick up instead.

x  x  x  x  x  x 

Feeling hungry, we decided to head for lunch before checking in to the hotel.

I prepared a list of places to eat (as usual) and asked Mike to pick a place.
He decided on Wacko Burger.

The burgers here are awesome.
Love the fries too.

I had a chicken schnitzel burger whilst Mike had the Down Under burger.

I actually wanted to order the same burger BUT because I am restricting dairy from my diet, what is a beef burger without cheese?

I then decided on a cheese-less burger instead - but then again, I'm also a fan of chicken schnitzels hence I enjoyed my burger.

Mike cut out a piece of his burger for me to try and it was delicious!
Maybe next time?
Bali 2017?

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