Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wacko Burger Cafe, Bali

Two weeks ago, we went for a short weekend getaway in Bali.
Also, for the first time in Bali, I got conned and was fuming in the cab.

One thing that makes me extremely mad is dishonesty. 

We will usually hire a cab from the official taxi counter at the airport. However, this time around, they hid the display of prices and despite me asking the guy at the booth on why was the board price "blocked", he totally ignored me.

There were two boards publishing the prices side by side listing down the fares of various locations around Bali and one of the boards was partially overlapping the other with the prices being blocked.

At first I thought that perhaps, they did not notice that one of the boards was blocking the other but Mike told me that it was obviously deliberate.

The unscrupulous guy manning the counter simply quoted us a price.
When we questioned him on the outrageous price, he then reduced it. PFFT.

Prior to this, we have never encountered such a problem as we would usually be quoted the published rate which was transparent to all.

After paying for the cab at the counter, a guy came up to us asked us to follow him. 

I asked him whether he was the taxi driver and he said yes but it turns out he was a bloody crook as well. He brought us to the taxi and then asked for money for helping to pull our luggage bag.

I didn't want to pay him a single cent and just get in the cab and ask the taxi driver to drive off but Mike gave him some money because Mike didn't want to "mess around in Bali.

Anyhow, it was a lesson well learned.

Never let your guard down! 

Also, IF this is going to be how it works moving forward to catch a cab from the airport, I would rather ask the hotel to arrange for pick up instead.

x  x  x  x  x  x 

Feeling hungry, we decided to head for lunch before checking in to the hotel.

I prepared a list of places to eat (as usual) and asked Mike to pick a place.
He decided on Wacko Burger.

The burgers here are awesome.
Love the fries too.

I had a chicken schnitzel burger whilst Mike had the Down Under burger.

I actually wanted to order the same burger BUT because I am restricting dairy from my diet, what is a beef burger without cheese?

I then decided on a cheese-less burger instead - but then again, I'm also a fan of chicken schnitzels hence I enjoyed my burger.

Mike cut out a piece of his burger for me to try and it was delicious!
Maybe next time?
Bali 2017?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The battle.

It all started from a red mark on her neck a month ago.

I thought that she scratched herself or possibly an insect may have bit her so I did not think much of it.

The red mark/rash on her neck however did not go away after two weeks and one day, it was oozing and tiny little spots were forming around the mark. Baby O then started scratching her neck furiously and it eventually turned into a wound.

Also, a mild rash started appearing on her cheek as well.

Her skin used to be spotless and when the bumps started appearing, I started getting all worried and upset because she kept scratching her face and could not sleep well at night. . . AND when the baby doesn't sleep, someone else doesn't get to sleep too :(

During her check up with her paediatrician, he said that the rash on her neck was a heat rash whilst the face rash was eczema.

However, after getting a second opinion, another doctor had mentioned that the rash on her neck was also eczema. 

Both doctors prescribed steroid creams. 

The problem is that after using steroid creams, I found her eczema getting worse and it started spreading at other areas. Her face became red. Her skin was peeling. Other parts of her neck that were eczema free earlier started developing eczema.

Every time I look at her old pictures, it makes me so sad to see her skin in such a state. What I thought was "bad" initially when the first signs of her eczema started showing is now NOTHING compared to how her face is like now.

Her cheeks are starting to ooze now and her skin is all dry and flaky. She is always rubbing her face due to the itch and she has been very fussy and cranky but I don't blame her for being that way.

I have spent a bomb on body washes and lotions - I have tons of lotions and creams lying around the house because not all lotions work on her - some makes her eczema flare up even more.

I have been desperate to find products that work on her. So far, the Moo Goo eczema pack has been my best investment. The products are gentle on her sensitive skin.

Recently, I have also purchased some Olive Oil body products that my mother in law had asked to check out as well.

The number of eczema related products in the market are endless.

I have been reading so many articles and blogs on baby eczema and have joined Facebook groups as well. I find FB groups so comforting because at least I know that I am not alone on this journey.

In fact, I didn't know that baby eczema is so common!

I purchased this brand new Scratch Me Not clothing (that Baby O is wearing in the picture above) from a seller on a FB Preloved Group and she has been extremely kind and generous. 

She shared so many tips on managing baby eczema as her daughter used to have really bad eczema as well and even recommended FB groups for me to join.

Also, she sent me SO MANY other things like mittens, Scratch Me Not and Scratch No More sleeves (although some of them were tatty looking, they still function well), lotion samples, balms and even Tubifast (just in case I'd need 'em).

It is not often that you meet such kind souls out there and for that I am so grateful.

I felt as though God sent her at the right time because I was just feeling so frustrated about Baby O's situation but after listening to her advice, I felt much more better and also hopeful that this is just a phase.

When Baby O grows older, I can conduct a more conclusive test on what she is allergic to and eliminate that allergen from her diet/surrounding (if possible).

In the meantime, I just have to be careful with my diet (because I'm still breastfeeding) and Baby O's as well.

I am also so thankful for all the other advice given to me by mummies who had to go through this with their babies. I just can't wait for the day when her eczema goes away! I know that I just have to be patient....but one thing's for sure that in the midst of this situation, I am reminded of so many other things.

As much as it pains me to see Baby O suffer with the dreaded itch and pitiful skin state, I have learned that I should not harp or obsess too much over it because eczema does not go away overnight and that there are a million and one other things more worrying than eczema.

I am thankful that Baby O is still growing well and is healthy apart from her skin condition. That in itself is already a huge blessing on its own.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Beato Steakhouse

I wish that I had discovered or heard of this place sooner.
The steaks here are good.

A few months back, we went to a steakhouse and paid almost double of what we paid at Beato and the steaks at Beato are definitely way better than what we had.

The first time Mike and I tried out this place was on our "couple anniversary".
The second time was on our wedding anniversary. LOL.

The first time we dined there, Mike told me that we could only return here on 'special occasions'. 

I think that the steak was lingering on our minds since the first experience
so in less than a month, we were back at Beato again
because our couple anniversary and wedding anniversary dates are about a month apart.

I love love love the Sweet Potato Fries!

The scallops were just OK only though.