Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mid year review

Just some updates on what we've been up to, although it's nothing particularly exciting.

Baby O is already 5.5 months old.

Although she has now managed to turn from her stomach to her back
but sometimes, she is still capable of forgetting how to do so
and will end up crying.

Still no sign of being able to sit up on her own now.
She does not seem to try to use her arms to push herself up whenever she lies on her tummy.

There are days when she fusses because she wants to be carried all the time
and I am so thankful for my Pognae hip seat carrier.

Makes carrying so much more easier especially when she weighs 7 kg+ now!

From once watching her musical mobile demurely while lying in her cot,
she is now a mini Godzilla in her cot grabbing onto the mobile and shaking it furiously.

Sometimes, she uses her legs to kick it as well.

Just a few days ago, we lowered her bed two levels so that she cannot reach her musical mobile
and because if she were to pull herself one day up without us knowing,
she could fall over - however, I think it'd be a while before she will be able to pull herself up.

Been hanging out with Baby O and my mum a fair bit.
Going out is extremely therapeutic (provided there's help).

I have been obsessed with the Jumperoo (the Fisher Price jumperoo in particular) until it reached a point that Mike thought that I was on the brink of insanity. Day and night I would be telling him about it - even before he sleeps. "Should I get it? Should I not?" Mwahaha.

I have been reading tons of reviews on jumperoos and I was so convinced that I just HAD to get one for Baby O and my daily sanity.

I have been searching high and low for a used one but the condition of the preloved ones advertised are not well kept and I also doubt the authenticity. Also, in Malaysia, the "cheap" Fisher Price jumperoos sold online are apparently not genuine.

The supposedly "cheap" knock off isn't exactly very cheap either - they cost around RM300+, but apparently the original ones are priced at RM600+.

I went to Toys R Us and other baby shops and none of them seem to be selling the Fisher Price jumperoo. I wonder why.

I even went on Amazon to try to purchase one but the taxes and shipping fee turned out to be more than the cost itself so obviously, it was a no go for me.

Only recently, I went to Toys R Us in 1U and saw two units of 'Finding Nemo' jumperoos from Bright Starts priced close to RM1k. No way am I going to pay that much.

In the end, I decided to settle for a used jumperoo/jumper from Evenflo that I found on Carousell. The unit's condition is extremely good (as good as new) and the price was also right.

My only worry was that Baby O may not like sitting in it but there was a jumperoo sold by Mothercare and I put her inside and she seemed to enjoy herself. I was so glad.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Baby O also developed eczema recently :(
It has been a trying time for me dealing with it seeing her in so much discomfort.

Will write about it another day.

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