Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brunch @ The Laus

As usual, true to Alicia's style -
she cooked up a gourmet brunch feast.

Absolutely blessed to have Alicia cook for us and also have her sous chef Louis help her out (mostly, with the cleaning). That's what husbands are for ! :)

Haha. Kidding.

So much effort !

She even followed Gordon Ramsay's baked beans recipe !

This was so good. Coconut ice cream with caramelised marshmallows. 

Told Alicia I could not eat dairy and it felt so good to be eating her home made dairy free ice cream !
I have not had ice cream in ages :(

Fruit smoothies

I reckon that Alicia should join Masterchef.

Yummy pancakes

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