Thursday, May 5, 2016

Travelling with baby.

Wow! Can't believe that I have TIME to even log into my blog to write today !

Been wanting to write about my trip since I got back but every other day, I have been busy with the baby - now that she naps so much lesser now, it just means - less time for me.

I have to admit that it has been hard. All those happy baby pics on my Instagram - well, they are short-lived happy moments when she smiles for the camera. Behind the scenes, there's a lot of fussing and the occasional crying that wears me out.

I used to have the impression that most people were having a breeze with their babies but based on my experience, I would like to think that almost every mum is going through the same typical challenges as me just that nobody really speaks of it because everyone just gets over it or has gotten used to it.

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So anyway, a couple of months back, we planned a short weekend getaway with the baby.

What spurred me to even plan this trip was because my friend told me that I should try travelling while the baby has not started on solids because it is actually quite easy to travel with the baby if the baby only consumes breastmilk/milk.

We decided on heading to Phuket because the flight was pretty short - about one and a half hours from KL hence, we thought that it would be a good beginners "class" for new parents like us. AT MOST, if the baby cries, it would annoy other passengers for an hour and a half max ? LOL. Kidding.

Family members were initially not too pleased about us travelling with the baby because everybody was concerned about the pressure on the plane hurting the baby's ears and the destination - Phuket.

We had to check with the baby's paed to ask whether it would be safe for the baby to travel and report back to Baby O's concerned grandparents. I know how times have seriously changed in this day and age when travelling is now so accessible for all.

On our flight back to Phuket, an old aunty asked me how old was Baby O, etc and she commented that her son's first trip was only when he was 2 years old.

Say cheese ! On the way to the airport. 

This is why first borns have a whole comprehensive photo album to themselves. . . the second child will have 50% of baby photos and the third . . . you'd be lucky if you could even get 10% of photos.

Our flight was delayed by almost half an hour. I wasn't prepared for this.

Wanted to try to time the baby's feed when the plane was ascending so that she would not be affected by the pressure. In the end, I had to rock her in the carrier while waiting for the flight because she was about to cry. She fell asleep in the carrier and was still sleeping soundly while the plane was ascending.

Mid-way while the plane was ascending, she was about to wake up and started fussing.... and I managed to latch her in time. My first breastfeeding experience in public. Personal motherhood milestone achieved. Hahahaha.

I also managed to feed Baby O in the taxi from the airport to our hotel.
So pleased with my ASOS breastfeeding top that makes it even more easier to feed her.

Wanted to book another hotel initially but a lot of the nicer hotels are located further away from the airport - like nearly an hours' drive !

We didn't want to push it and stress ourselves during the long car ride so we opted for a hotel located around half an hour away from the airport.

After all, this was a "trial run" of travelling with the prepare ourselves for a longer flight in a few months' time! WISH US LUCK.

From this travelling experience, I have learned a few things :

1) Don't set travelling goals or have ambitious expectations when travelling with a young baby. Expectation level - that you would be staying in the hotel room almost the entire day and that you won't be out and about like how it used to be.

Hence, it is very important to book a NICE and clean hotel that has all the facilities that you need and ... good food!

2) We brought almost everything needed on the baby travelling checklists available online except for one item that was NOT listed on the checklist but much needed by yours truly.

A baby nail clipper !!! I remember cutting Baby O's nails about 2 days before the trip and I have no idea how her nails grew so fast again. We left Phuket with her face covered in bad scratches because she would scratch her face in her sleep -_-"

3) I tried my best not to overpack and bring too many things for a 3 days 2 nights trip. I packed clothes that were "just enough" for 3 days 2 nights. Told Mike to do the same but ermmm... I will pack MORE shirts in future because Mike's shirts were all stained with baby spit up and Mike would gag at the smell. Thank You baby O for sparing mummy! :)

4) We forgot to bring a thermos to store hot water just in case we needed to feed the baby formula milk in case of an emergency. I assumed that the hotel would have a jug to boil water and I should have checked beforehand (but I didn't). The tap water in the hotel was not safe to boil and drink hence no jug is provided in the room.

Even if we called for room service to deliver hot water to us, it would take some time and we would not have any proper place to store it. At times like these, breastfeeding just makes everything so convenient. Warm milk on the go.

5) Going on a holiday with a young baby will drain you of all your energy - just by opening and closing the stroller. LOL. Mike however is contented with our stroller.

I was so tempted to buy another lightweight stroller for this trip. I was keen on getting the Baby Zen Yoyo after watching a demo video but read that it was not suitable for newborns and would only be suited for babies 6 months and above. Oh well - maybe next time.

It is so important for both husband and wife to know how to operate the stroller.

Makes life easier so that if any of our hands are occupied, the one who is free can help to open or close the stroller while the other holds the baby instead of having to keep passing the baby around.

Furthermore, the baby is usually carried around in the carrier and it would have been so troublesome to keep taking the baby out of the carrier.

More posts to come . . . :)

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