Saturday, May 21, 2016

Over and done.

Last Monday, I checked into Pantai Hospital to get my cyst removed.

The cyst was starting to bother me mentally as I started feeling more bloated than usual.
I also puked once but I did not know the cause.
Every discomfort that I felt, I would blame it on the cyst. 

I even kept googling  - "How do I know if my cyst has burst?".

From wanting to get the cyst removed early June,
I now wanted to get over and done with it asap.

I could not pin down a surgery date initially as I had to keep checking with everyone else on their schedules - like Mike would have a business trip that particular week or my mum would have other appointments on that day - it was so frustrating!

Even the doctor's appointments were full !

Anyway, alas, I managed to get the date but then, I had some other concerns - 
like I had this annoying dry cough that did not seem to go away 
and what if my stitches would hurt overtime I coughed? 

The thing about my cough is that it would only be triggered at night.

My doctor told me that from talking to me during the morning of the surgery, he could tell that I was fit for surgery so no issues there.

All single and double rooms on that day were occupied so I had no choice but to opt for a four bedded ward. 

It was nice at first because I had the entire ward to myself but in the evening another two people checked in and one of the patients had so many noisy visitors and kept talking from like evening til at night!

The only thing that I like about the hospital are the beds - love playing with the control. Hahaha.

When I was being pushed into the surgery room, I felt so nervous and alone.
Everything around just looked like a scene in Grey's Anatomy and it made me scared!

My mum said that it was because I was scared of dying now that I have a baby - 
but I was really more afraid of the pain that I had anticipated -
like what if the anaesthesia did not work and I woke up halfway during surgery?!

I'm so full of crazy morbid thoughts sometimes.

The doctor told me that my surgery went well and they managed to take the cyst out in tact in the bag. Praise God!

He mentioned that usually the surgery would typically take an hour but he managed to complete mine in half an hour.

Stayed in the hospital for a night and the next day, I went home after breakfast
and at night, I went to Nandos for dinner.

Oh, another "exciting" thing about staying in the hospital is picking your menu.
Sometimes, the food isn't too bad.

x  x  x  x  x  x

I was on painkillers so I barely felt any pain
but once the painkiller effect would wear off - oh man, the aches and pains were SO BAD 
but surprisingly, it wasn't the stitches that hurt
but it was my shoulder and rib cage.

The pain was due to the CO2 gas pumped into my body during surgery.

The shoulder pain felt like a bad sprain and the pain in my rib cage was a sharp stabbing pain and I would not be able to move at all as it would hurt even more. 

However, the moment I popped another pain killer, the effect would be almost instantaneous and I'd be back to my normal self.

The aches went away after 5 days.
The bloating went away after a week.
It somewhat reminded me of the time I had water retention during the last week of pregnancy and I looked like a puffer fish. Urgh.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

One week after the surgery, the doctor checked on my stitches and I was amazed at how tiny the stitches are ! 

Seriously, if any of you are given an option to remove the cyst via laparotomy or laparoscopy - the latter is the way to go.

So thankful that I got a second opinion as my gynae wanted to remove my cyst via laparotomy as she said that it would be "cleaner" as there is a risk of the cyst bursting via laparoscopy. 

However, I spoke to several people and most would advise to do it via laparoscopy.
Didn't know that cysts of the ovaries are so common.

The healing via laparoscopy is so much faster. 
I was already walking around the next day!

However, at the end of the day, I am just thankful that everything went well for me.
I read some forums and articles online and not everyone's experience with laparoscopy is the same.

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