Saturday, March 26, 2016

Milk and teats.

I remember how I told some friends that my breastfeeding goal was to feed Baby O for at least 3 months. The reason why I set such a short term goal was because back then, I found breastfeeding to be tiresome and back then, my milk production was below the equilibrium level - could not keep up with the demand.

I thought that 3 months would be considered a blessing but now as I am approaching 3 months (well, in another 2 weeks + time), given that I have gotten used to the hang of breastfeeding, my next goal would be to continue for another 3 more months at least.

I dread to think of how my milk supply could possibly be affected once I undergo surgery. The thought of having to "start all over again" to boost my supply through power pumping. BRRRR. 

I still remember how I pumped every 3 hours in the first month. It was so tiring because I would breastfeed the baby and pump afterwards. Am just glad those days are over.

It DOES get easier over time, thankfully but now tackling my next challenge - bottle feeding . . . 

Before this, Baby O had no problem with the Philips Avent newborn bottle.

The confinement lady used this bottle as well and she was feeding fine with the occasional coughing because she would suck really fast and choke.

However, one day she started choking and coughing more than usual and I found out that one of the teats would drip quite fast when faced downwards without any suction. Asked Mike to buy new teats and he bought 3 months+ teats but the flow is too fast for the baby.

I still had one newborn teat working fine but when I tried to feed her, she would not drink well and sometimes she would keep on crying.

I was pretty frustrated about this and asked Mike to help me to get Dr Brown's bottle instead because it supposedly helps to reduce air. Only thing is that it's just a little more troublesome to clean with the vent.

I personally feel that the teat is much nicer for the baby to suck because it is softer than the Phillips Avent teat and the flow now is just right ! She does not choke or cough anymore.

However, she only drinks one and a half ounce at one go and will drink another half an ounce an hour later -_-"

Now that my mum is away, I have to bottle feed her at least once a day just so that she won't reject the bottle in future.

My next headache to deal with now is . . . the pacifier !!!

She used to spit it out once she's asleep but now I've noticed that it's perpetually in her mouth and she's sucking on it with her eyes closed. Sometimes I will pull it out from her mouth and she'll be okay - still asleep . . . . but shortly after that, once she realises it is missing, she will start fussing.

Attempted to not let her use the pacifier the entire day but my arms were literally breaking from trying to soothe her to sleep. She's already 6 kgs now -_-"

Successfully managed to distract her from thinking about the pacifier for half the day but it was hard, hard work. Tomorrow's going to be another day of trying. Actually, sometimes I question my actions the entire day - why am I even trying?

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