Saturday, March 19, 2016


Things have been pretty smooth in the past week.

Olivia has been sleeping for longer periods (4-5 hours) and I have been able to get more rest.
She rarely cries as much nowadays except when she is hungry or has a wet diaper or hiccups!

However, she seems to be rejecting bottle feeds.
She will only drink half an ounce and will start pushing the teat out.
Prior to this, she had no issue gulping down 3 ounces of milk from the bottle in one go.

When one problem seems to go away, another one crops up.

I reckon that she is just too comfortable breastfeeding while lying down and that she's just too lazy to suck from the bottle teat while positioned in an upright position.
But it's just my theory.

I am just so lazy to pump these days but I know that I'll have to try to bottle feed her during the day instead of latching her during feeds so that I can "condition" her. . . if not, it is going to be hard for others to babysit her if she does not drink from the bottle and it will also be tough for ME! -_-"

I have also finally managed to get Olivia her passport ! YAY!

Looking forward to bringing her on her first trip that she will not even remember - only her parents will. Haha. I already bought her a baby float to use - but I probably can only use it when she is around 4 months old. KIASU much? :D

Anyway, the excitement of planning a trip became somewhat short-lived for me after going for a scan with my gynae.

I went for a pap smear today (my first time) and during the routine check up on my uterus and ovaries, there was a dermoid cyst near my left ovary. The dermoid cyst had hair in it. Sounds gross, I know.

But I've heard of this cyst before so I was not surprised when my gynae told me that it may also contain teeth, bones, etc. I remember stumbling across an article on this cyst on Daily Mail. LOL.

At this point in time, I am just thankful that the cyst is not cancerous. . . .
but it's such a BURDEN - having to go for surgery which will be like a C-section surgery!!!!

I was told that the surgery would last 30 minutes and that I'd have to stay in the hospital for 3 days after surgery and it will take 2 weeks for healing and NO travelling for one month. I am still deciding on when I should check in for surgery - was told that there is no rush but I have to try to do it within the next few months if possible to get over and done with it. Also, the longer the wait, if the cyst keeps getting bigger, it could affect my ovary.

My doctor told me that if I had delivered via C-section, they would usually remove this cyst during surgery as well but when I delivered, there was no cyst detected then which means that it has grown over the past 2 months. It's around 4+ cm now. SIGH.

Mentally, it does feel as though I will be giving birth AGAIN. ARGH. And I really dread to think of staying in the hospital. I still remember how miserable I felt.

And to think that I was already thinking on what would be the ideal timing to have a second child, and this happens zzzz.

When I asked my doctor how much will the surgery cost, she told me that it will range from RM15-18k. This is way more expensive than my labour cost earlier this year. This is why insurance is so important! BUT what is more important is to also read the insurance fine prints to know whether you are covered. Not sure whether I am covered yet.

I was telling my gynae whether she could conduct liposuction at the same time (as a joke) but Mike took it seriously and scolded me in the clinic.

Seriously, the older we become, the more problems seem to crop up hence it is so important to never take things for granted. Routine health and body check ups are so important.

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