Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baby's full moon

During my confinement period, it wasn't until 2 weeks before Olivia's full moon when I started to get down to planning it because family members were asking about it.

Planning a baby's full moon is like planning another wedding altogether (or at least that was how it felt like for me) - especially when deciding who to invite. I could not invite many people due to the hall capacity and also more than half of the guest list were family members.

I was stressed out over the planning with everything being on my plate to organise and manage while I was still struggling with motherhood. 

Would have been easy if I were to spend money to outsource the work but I felt that the dessert table packages were not worth the money at all.

Hence, I opted to DIY the dessert table. 

Picked a sheep/lamb theme as Olivia is actually born in the year of the sheep. My sister helped me to get the balloons and the doughnuts. I sourced the cake and cupcakes.

Hello there baby girl :)

Almost everybody says that Olivia looks like Mike.

Four generations

Who iz this woman who keeps using me as a photo prop?

My hot nanny carrying Olivia. HEHE. Kidding about Ying being the nanny :)

Thanks to my sis for being the photographer of the day, once again.

AND ONCE AGAIN, Mike and I forgot to take a picture together (with just the two of us) with our baby on her full moon -_-"

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