Monday, February 1, 2016

Me time. . .

I know I've had plenty of ME TIME when I was pregnant
and I knew what to expect once the baby arrived -
my "ME TIME" is now scarce
just like "liquid gold" or that few drops of colostrum.

Clearly, I am losing my sanity.
Analogies are now all milk/boob/baby related.

I made a mental note to myself while I was pregnant
that I will not let my baby take over my life
and that I do not want to be a slave to my child. . .
however, with a newborn, I suppose that at this juncture,
I do not have much of a choice
but to be on standby for the baby 24/7.

Right now, my short bouts of sanity is when the confinement lady ("CL")
takes care of the baby in the nursery.

While she cooks or cleans the house, the baby is left with me in my room
and so much of my energy is exhausted in JUST feeding her.

I know that some mothers make breastfeeding look effortless,
but I personally find it really challenging (physically)
and also, stressful occasionally -
I get stressed when the baby starts choking or coughing because of the fast milk flow
and also, when I can't burp the baby properly -_-"

One of the reasons that makes it hard for me to burp the baby is because of the pain in my left wrist. It's so hard to hold or carry the baby because I really cannot lift her up properly.

I don't even change her diapers and I dread the day the CL leaves
because right now, I am managing to get more rest throughout the night
as she looks after the baby at night.

I really have to give it to mothers who exclusively breastfeed their baby.

I wanted to write a post on my "breastfeeding experience" but maybe I'll save it for later -
every time I feel like writing, something just pops up unexpectedly -like, the CL will knock on my door and say "Nen nen time" -_-"

On another note, it's already February! And as usual, the first quarter of this year is just going to whizz by with all the festivities in between.

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