Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Confinement is over!

30 days of being "confined" - it was so long yet so short at the same time.

Was getting kind of sick of confinement food
and tired of my confinement lady ("CL").

Am too tired to rant about the several occasions where she made my blood boil. . .
however, what takes the cake was that she came into my room one day before her last day of work and asked to go home because she was not feeling well.

She probably just didn't feel like working at her whim and fancy and decided to inform me out of the blue.

Earlier, she was the one who asked me whether I wanted her to work for one more day to help take care of the baby during the full moon so we agreed that she would work for one more extra day.

Just to share some background on what happened a few days earlier, she fell down in my house a couple of days ago. She dropped some hot water on the floor and while trying to avoid the water from spilling on her, she fell down.

All I can say and what most people have remarked when they heard my story is - Thank goodness she was not carrying the baby.

After her fall (where she fell down sideways), I asked her then whether she could still work and if not, I would send her home then. Asked her whether she wanted to see a doctor and she declined.

She said that she still is fine and could still work.
I asked her whether she was capable of carrying the baby and she said that she still could.

The thing is, after the fall, she was walking around the house pretty fine. She told me that only her face and shoulder were hurting because she landed on her side.

However, when she wanted to excuse herself from work, she walked out of my room dragging one foot on the floor as she walked each step to make it look like she was in pain. WTH. Sudden leg pain.

What made me so mad is that she said this to me when she wanted to end work earlier:

"Yesterday, I woke up at 4 a.m. and all of a sudden, the side of my face was really painful. Is it okay if I go back now? You can ask your mother's maid to help out with the baby's full moon tomorrow. If I were to continue working, I am afraid that I may drop the baby. Are you ok if I leave now?"

What exactly does she expect me to say?! Am I ok if she leaves? She was already providing a "disclaimer" that if I were to make her stay to work, she will possibly drop my baby?!

Also, Mike was pissed off at her.
Found out about it only after he sent her off.

He found out that she had opened the back door of the house when there isn't a need to go behind.

And he was pissed because she did not lock the door properly and compromised the safety of our family.

When he questioned her about opening the back door, she said that one of the baby's mittens fell behind (which btw is a SUPER LAME excuse because the only way anything can go over the door is if someone throws it over - because the gaps on the grilled door is at the top).

My guess is that she has been going at the back of the house (which leads to the back lane) to chat with the neighbour's maid. She told me that she has been talking to her but I have always assumed that they talked over the wall at the front of the house.

There was also another instance when she opened the gate for a stranger whom she "thought" was my mother-in-law, when it was a lady from the resident's association reminding to pay the security fees.

The lady even walked into the compound of my house to ask whether the owner was in and the CL told her "She's breastfeeding upstairs."

The CL thought it was funny that she thought that the lady was my mother-in-law and told me what happened because I heard the main gate open from my room and asked her who was that.

I lectured her on this because I was furious on the inside. Told her not to simply tell people what I'm doing and who is inside the house and whatmore opening the gate for strangers. She was pretty defensive about it by saying that "SHE KNOWS" that already - she won't simply open the gate (when she already JUST did). Clearly, she has no regard for safety.

Anyway, I am partially glad that she's no longer with us although I am thankful that she took care of the baby well.

If I were to rant on every personal conflict I had with her, I would never be able to post this post.

You have NO idea how much time I spent to press "Publish" on this post. . . because halfway while writing every night, the baby will CRY for feeding time ! -_-"

And unfortunately, she has the most deafening of cries.

It is as though I have starved her for days when she probably just got fed half an hour ago.

Been taking pics of my confinement food but have not been posting it on Instagram because . . . baby pics now look more appealing than food pics. Different phase in life. LOL! Kidding - it's just because, somehow the food pics look boring.

My usual dinner - a soup, a meat and vege fish.

Sometimes she cooks porridge too.

Lunch and breakfast is usually noodles and once in awhile, fried rice.

So many people have told me to ENJOY confinement food because a lot of people seem to love confinement food. Even Mike was on semi-confinement - eating almost the same food as me.

But trust me, after eating the same repetitive meals every other week . . . .
it gets SO boring!

I gave Mike a list of places that I want to dine at now that confinement is OVER !

But now there's a new set of challenges that I have to deal with zzzz. Another post coming right up (subject to the baby's consent). LOL.

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