Monday, January 11, 2016

When when when?

It looks like I will be seeing my gynae tomorrow unless something happens tonight itself -_-

So anyway, reflecting back, I remember telling Mike that I was hoping to deliver before January 8th so that I could save money on the confinement lady and so that I could happily eat CNY food after the confinement period.

"All you think about is FOOD!"

Damn right. I want to eat my lap mei fun and yee sang.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x

So anyway, now that it has been past January 8th (sigh), I started talking about potential "nice" dates with Mike that Baby O could make an appearance -


A day before 10 Jan, I walked up and down the stairs at least 20 times and was drenched with sweat! I've read and also heard all kind of things that are supposed to help to induce labour - and one of them is walking!

Nothing happened at night after the "strenuous" exercise.  So goodbye 10 Jan.


On 10 Jan, I was determined to keep up the momentum so I told Mike that I wanted to walk around the mall for hours.

But that morning itself, my legs were aching from walking up and down the stairs. Went to Gardens in the afternoon and as I started walking, I started getting mild backaches. My feet were throbbing I had to continuously walk and sit and walk and sit in the mall.

My legs were breaking and swelling.

My initial goal of walking for at least 3 hours was totally unaccomplished. I think that I managed to only walk for an hour at most.

On 11 Jan, I walked around 1u for a short while after having brunch. At night, I had Korean BBQ and ate SPICY food to also help induce labour. Not sure if it was the spiciness of the kim chi soup but throughout dinner, my Braxton Hicks contractions were so intense and uncomfortable.

That night itself, I suffered from all the walking. My body was aching and my tummy was upset. I felt like collapsing and was dead tired.

However, I didn't sleep well that night. Waking up at every interval - hoping to wake up to some contractions, but there were none. Hahahaha.

I also remember waking up at 4 a.m. and was wondering whether the air con was off because I was sweating profusely.

Woke up this morning and saw that my panty liner has a very faint and little light pink coloured discharge and I got excited. Haha. Sorry, TMI, I know.

But I googled and this discharge could mean hours or days before delivery. Basically, I'll never know when exactly but it's a sign that labour is near.


Could it be? The 4% probability of appearing on the EDD?


If I have to see my gynae to be induced on 12 Jan, the baby will be making an appearance on 13 Jan.


Earlier, I was so adamant on being induced on 15 Jan if I HAD to be induced, so that I could deliver on 16 Jan 2016 (nice date right?) Hahaha. But I was just being silly after so many people told me that the date doesn't matter. ALL that matters is that the baby is healthy so I decided to go ahead with the Dr's plan.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT! How I'm so near the "finishing line" only to start a new and different journey.

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