Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The clock is ticking.

I find it amusing to think of how I could have possibly delivered on 2nd January 2016 but right now, I am still in full anticipation still wondering WHEN and also, HOW will the whole delivery take place.

When I went for my 38th week check up, apparently, my blood pressure was high and my gynae said that if my blood pressure does not go down within the next 2 days, I am to go to the hospital on 1st Jan to be induced for delivery on 2nd Jan.

After my appointment that day, I felt somewhat excited but very, very scared at the same time. Suddenly, I realised that I just was NOT prepared -_-"

Mentally, I was just thinking about enjoying the NYE celebration and I couldn't imagine going into the hospital the next day. I just couldn't, somehow. Although I thought that I was prepared for it to happen "anytime", finding out exactly WHEN it's going to happen scares me even more (when I know it should be the opposite).

I suppose that I'd rather react to something that has happened suddenly and going through the motion because I do not have a choice rather than KNOW exactly when. I am so weird, I know. Hahaha.

Anyhow, when I went to check my blood pressure the next few days, it was perfectly normal. In fact, it's actually on the lower side. Informed my gynae and she told me that she'll see me the following week and that I need not be induced.

So during the next check up, which took place today to be exact, my gynae said that if I do not deliver by my EDD, 12 Jan 2015 (which is my next check up date), she plans to induce me on that day itself. 

I spoke to her about 'waiting it out' but she told me that they used to wait til 41-42 weeks in the past but now, due to the higher risk of waiting, they will try to get the baby delivered within 4 days maximum from the EDD at 40 weeks.

Apparently, the baby's head will start to harden and it will be harder to come out once the baby is 41 weeks and more and delivery will be tougher and inducing will not work then.

Anyhow, she informed me that it could happen "anytime now" but HMMM, I'm not exactly feeling it happening anytime soon...BUT I know, I should never speak too soon. My gynae is hoping NOT to see me next week so we shall see it goes.

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