Sunday, January 3, 2016


My first post in 2016 ! Happy New Year ! :)

New Year's Eve was spent having a potluck BBQ dinner at Alan's house
and I forced everyone to countdown for the sake of it
even though it was already 12:01 a.m.
because the guys were too busy playing Playstation games.

One of the guys said, "Wow. I've been playing this game since last year."

Looking at older Facebook NYE pics, since about 4 years ago,
the past NY eves have been about house parties.
Our "partying" days are so over!

Just a couple of pics taken on NYE for memory sake :

The only thing that I would ever volunteer to bring for potluck parties - potato salad. Hahaha.

Seafood skewers

It was also Shazana's birthday on NYE.

There seems to be so many NYE babies.
I asked Shazana whether she was born naturally on NYE. LOL.
She said she was actually due in Jan but came out earlier, naturally.

Apparently, a lot of mothers are rushing to deliver year end babies
just so that their child can start school earlier and not "waste" a year.

Kiasu much? 

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