Monday, December 28, 2015

Maternity Photoshoot

Pictures were taken by Debra Fong.

Some random facts :

1) The dress that I wore was initially intended to be worn at a friend's wedding in Perth. However, my parcel could not be located and I wrote in to ASOS multiple times. They refunded my money (but the amount refunded was less by RM100 due to exchange rate loss). About a few weeks later, the parcel with my clothes mysteriously arrived.

2) I thought of wearing a white dress but for the photoshoot but Mike said that the dress was "too short".

3) Pictures were taken at the field near my parents' house on Christmas Eve.

4) I am 37 weeks pregnant in the photos.

5) I used sample pictures online as my "guide to pose". It's not as easy as it looks okay, as I am not a professional poser.

6) One picture that I really wanted to have to keep but forgot to take was the cliche 'hands over bump pose' with my fingers forming a shape of a heart :*(

7) The photoshoot took about half an hour. We were rushing to take pictures because there were SO MANY mosquitoes - Mike and Debra got bitten. I was luckily spared - think the mosquitoes couldn't penetrate through my skin with all the 'water retention' going on. Hahahaha.

8) My sis brought me a flower headband to wear, but I didn't want to look too poser-ish in the field. LOL. I told her that I wanted the pictures to look "as natural" as possible.

9) I cringe whenever I look at the poser pics we tried to do - there were a couple of AWKWARD ones. 

My sis said that this was a 'boring' pose.

One of the typical maternity shot poses :D

I love this pic !!!!

Another mandatory maternity photoshoot pic.

The bump is the highlight.

Was planning to engage a photographer for newborn baby pics BUT, maybe I'll use my sister's "photography services" once again. Hehe.

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