Sunday, December 6, 2015

How I fill my time.

Cooking and baking to me is actually a personal hobby hence when people wonder how in the world do I think of "what to cook" everyday . . .  well, when it's a hobby, you just feel automatically inspired and it doesn't even feel like a chore at all.

I enjoy grocery shopping, reading cookbooks and recipes online. I enjoy "playing" with the ingredients that I have at home to whip something up. However, I'm not very experimental - I just cook "safe" tested and tried recipes because I don't want my food to go to waste if it turns out shitty.

The following are some pictures of what I've cooked in November and December. Been trying to cut down on grocery shopping so that I can finish the items in the fridge because I don't think I'll have the time to cook for the first few months next year -_-"

Curry kapitan. Don't really like cooking curry at home because it's a very messy affair with curry stains etc. 

The other day I cooked a fried fish coated with kunyit and curry powder . . . the oil stained my entire shirt and I can't wear it out anymore unless I'm at the passer malam. LOL.

Vegetarian bee hoon.

Felt inspired to cook salmon porridge after having it at Niji (which btw, was surprisingly tasty).

I'm actually a fried rice lover :D

Curry laksa - I didn't boil the soup from scratch though (instant paste)!

Braised pork belly - was satisfied with the overall taste but my pork belly was a little on the tough side. Would have been better if I had slowly cooked it in the slow cooker.

Big breakfast - on days when I can't sleep.

Scallop cream pasta.

Mee hoon soup

Bah Kut Teh

Sar hor fun

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Actually, cooking for two in Malaysia is not economical for the household.

I spend an average of RM150 a week on groceries (it's a steep amount for 2 people) and considering that I usually only cook on weekdays (dinner time). But to be fair, I buy my groceries from Village Grocer near my house so it's more costly compared to buying from the market.

Also, I tend to cook a lot of pasta and there is heavy usage of brown mushrooms, cream and cheese which is also quite costly. And I also bake a fair bit and the cost of butter is $$$. One block of butter costs easily close to RM10. I also have been buying avocado regularly which adds up to the cost. Avocado shake! MmmmMMmm.

Pork is expensive. Fish is expensive. Beef is expensive. Haha. Almost everything is expensive these days. There are days when I cook Asian food and tell myself that it would have been so much cheaper if Mike and I just drove out to eat the very same meal for two outside.

The cost of cooking Bah Kut Teh for 2 at home would have cost about the same as eating outside. But oh well, it's all done in the name of #homecookedfood and #stayathomewife. HAHAHAHA. I need to earn my keep to stay at home. Kidding.

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