Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Been dreaming almost every other day.

Whenever I tell Mike about my dreams, he'll start 'nagging' at me saying that it's because I'm not "occupied" so I start thinking/dreaming of nonsense. SHEESH.

My dreams are usually weird/scary ! Like there was a time, every other day I would be dreaming about WAR! Like, I'm trying to escape a warzone. There are mines, machine guns and grenades.

It was a very, very dark dream. I'd be like crawling on the floor trying to escape gun shots and in my dream, I'm also pregnant -_-"

There would be thick dust and debris all over. I'm forever running away in my dream. Trying to survive the war. Must be reading too much CNN.

Recently, Mike woke me up in the morning to ask me, "What's wrong?"

Apparently, I was frowning in my sleep and I woke up feeling SUPER angry.

I dreamt that the bolster on the bed kept falling off a few times and Mike would grumpily pick up the bolster and scold me and NAG at me, "The floor is SO dirty bla bla bla." I got so irritated because in my dream, the bolster just kept rolling off the bed and I couldn't stop it.

Plus, the nagging annoys me.

So I scolded him that morning when he woke me up. He told me that he did pick up my bolster that fell off that morning but he didn't say anything. LOL.

And then today, I dreamt that Mike was driving REALLY fast in his car and I was seated behind with the baby. I started scolding him to remind him that there was a baby in the car. After scolding him, Mike gave me some 'errands' to do and I got DAMN ANNOYED once more.

Wonder what does all this signify? HMMM! My conclusion is that, one of my biggest fears is the lack of husband involvement in raising a child! LOL.

But the funniest dream of all time was when I dreamt of 'the horse' *inside joke*.  I was trying to escape him and started whacking him physically. I ended up elbowing Mike's hand in real life while he was asleep.

My eyes were also actually closed but I woke up after hearing Mike shout - "Ahhhhhh!!!". 

I elbowed Mike's hand and even rubbed my elbow really hard hard into his hand. Every time I think of that, I start laughing.

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