Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dr Google

Sometimes, you just gotta love Google for its vast information readily available. Although I do note that whenever you google about symptoms/sickness, it seems as though every symptom on the checklist regarding my current condition seems to be fulfilled even though in reality, it's not the case.

Just about last week, I have started developing new pains and with google, I have 'self diagnosed' myself to be suffering from sciatica - with this being the main symptom - aching in the buttock, back of the thigh (hamstring) and calf.

I really have no idea how this pain developed on my right side but this is definitely something new. I am somewhat accustomed to aches 'down there', as I have been getting it on and off and my gynae has assured me that this is very normal. Also, I had bouts of pelvic pain previously when walking up and down the stairs, which is also normal.

But this new pain is ever more painful that both of the previous aches that I had because it feels like a very SHARP tearing pain on my butt and thigh even with minimal movement! 

The slightest movement can trigger this tearing and pulling sensation and it really hurts, sometimes to the point of tears. And to think that I am still having mixed feelings on whether I should be using epidural prior to labour when I cannot even stomach this pain.

A curious part of me wants to feel the extent of labour pains and how bad people say it is....but the scared part of me tells me to just get it.

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