Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve Dinner @ The Fongs

I was in charge of desserts for dinner - brought chocolate shortbread cookies, a non bake mango cheesecake + cupcakes and sticky date pudding.

When I went to Cold Storage to get pitted dates, there was only one tupperware left on the shelf! Can't help but think that everybody was making sticky date pudding for Christmas Eve.

I never knew that shortbread cookies only required three ingredients (for normal butter shortbread cookies). I love shortbread cookies btw but somehow, never thought of baking it. 

Only this time around, this recipe popped up when I was "researching" on what to bake as shortbread is a popular holiday + christmas cookie.

Joey brought some really good brownies - tasted like Mrs Fields.

Cute cake toppers that my sister bought from Penang.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that my sister baked for guests to take home.

Because I didn't eat lunch that day, I was SO hungry and started stuffing myself with sausages. . . leaving very little room for the yummy lamb and chicken drumsticks.

Seafood aglio olio. Tasty.

I think that the last time I utilised this grill/BBQ stove was when I planned a surprise party for Mike which was ages ago!

After uploading this pics, I told Mike that I felt like eating BBQ chicken . . . and he told me that he didn't know where to get any at this hour. LOL.

Presents ! Yay!

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