Thursday, December 10, 2015

A chicken rice tale.

Once a week, I will usually buy chicken and roast pork rice (siew yuk kai fan) from the same shop in Damansara Jaya whenever I bring my parents' maid over to my house for cleaning.

Today, I arrived a little late than usual and as it was after 12 p.m., parking is always a problem. If I were there 10 minutes earlier, I would usually be able to park right in front of the shop.

So anyways, I had to park slightly further away today.

When I reached the shop, the chicken rice seller had already packed the soup for me.
He then told his helper, "Ini untuk dia."

I told Mike about this and he didn't seem to believe me. He was thinking that it was such exceptional service.

But to me, it freaks me out.

The chicken rice seller spotted my car as I drove past his stall and he already was anticipating my usual order - siew yuk kai pei and siew yuk kai hong and soup. 

He didn't slice the chicken and roast pork yet but he was waiting for me to say my usual order...but for the fact that he already packed the soup ....... before I even stepped in.....

He then told me, "Next time, you can wind down your window and shout your order out and wait in the car. You don't have to come down if you can't find parking."

Mike said that this is a sign of auntyhood. WAHLAU.

Reminds me of my mother winding down her window and yelling out her fruit rojak order from across the street. Damn aunty.

I find it scary because what if I were like driving around to go to another coffee shop or stall to get something else.... I feel obligated to buy chicken rice now.

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