Saturday, December 26, 2015

37 weeks

The "ugly" side of pregnancy has reared its head this week.

Actually,  I think it was in Week 34 that I first noticed the stretch marks.

Prior to that, my skin condition had also taken a toll.

My back was filled with breakouts and now it's full of scars thanks to my itchy fingers.
I would get pimples at odd areas - occasionally in my ears and behind.
On my shoulders and arms too. WEIRD!

Darkened armpits too. Ugh.

I've also been getting some weird rash with odd itchy dots popping up at random places also.

Just this week, my hands and feet started to swell.
2 weeks ago, my wedding band would still fit my finger but I can't wear it anymore.

I couldn't wear my engagement ring when I was 6 months pregnant.
My wedding band is a little bit looser compared to my engagement ring.

I lost my ankles this week.
My feet look extremely weird.

There are days when it looks normal but more often than not, it looks like a giant's feet.
Doesn't help that I have big feet too! -_-"

I've never really felt good about myself over the past few months and although earlier, I was thinking of whether to engage a photographer to take maternity shots, I dismissed it after looking at myself in the mirror. 

It'd be a waste of money for me to take pictures for the sake of it while not liking how I look in the pics. Whatmore, having to fork out money for it.

However, at the very last minute, just because I didn't want to live with any "regrets" or "should haves", I asked my sister for a favour to take pictures. 

That way, I wouldn't have to PAY for ugly photos of myself but I'll get to keep a few "standard" / "basic" maternity photos as a keepsake. Will share photos in the next post :)

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