Tuesday, December 8, 2015

34 weeks.

It still feels surreal until today - when I think back on the day I discovered that I was pregnant and how I'm now in the final weeks of my pregnancy.

I have so often wished for this day to arrive, being the impatient person that I am.

I keep telling people that I want to feel like "myself" after delivery again but I know that things will never ever be the same again - but I suppose it's all a part and parcel of this journey in life.

I am excited to meet the little one!

I am still in awe of how God created us women with the ability to bear a child. This reminds me of a verse I read the other day - Ecclesiastes 11:5 : "As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things."

I still remember the first ultrasound scan picture of a little sesame seed in my womb with a beating heart. And at 34 weeks now, oh how the baby has grown and is still growing !!!

In 2 weeks' time, the baby will be full term and my gynae told me that I would be 'ready' to deliver anytime after that.  She also advised me not to eat any herbal stuff (ginseng and pao sum) because it would make my blood thinner and would cause me to bleed.

I was also told that I am having high water retention as well - I didn't know that but now perhaps it makes sense because my hands and wrists have been hurting too - carpal tunnel syndrome - especially my left hand !! It's super painful. Le sigh.

Also, just like how I diagnosed myself earlier, I told my gynae about the aches I've been having and she affirmed that it's sciatica by asking me whether I felt any pain when I tried to wear my panties while standing up. Hahaha.  The sad part of sciatica is that it will take awhile to go away, even after delivery. Urghhhh.

A lady at the reception in the clinic told me "not to take things lightly" if I feel any pain anywhere after 36 weeks because I could be in labour -_-"

One of my biggest fears is not knowing that I am labour - but is this even possible?! Hahaha. I keep picturing unbearable painful contractions that would indicate that I am in labour.

Anyway, I am trying not to think about it because there's just no escaping the pain. I'll just deal with it when it happens.

4D scan of the baby :

The baby's finger in her mouth.

It's also getting harder and harder to get a 4D scan of the baby's face. During the past few check ups, my stomach had to be prodded because the baby's hands and feet would be in the way.

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