Sunday, November 1, 2015

F for Fatigue

Am starting to get tired easily once again although I thought that I would only feel this way towards the end of the third trimester but time is flying so fast that it's making me feel extremely anxious. Mike has been telling me to relaxxxxx, everything is going to be OK but, at the back of my head, I KNOW that I am suffering the consequences of procrastinating.

November is literally the only time frame that I have to try to secure all my "last minute" baby buys.

I've been telling myself that "there's still plenty of time" to buy the "other items" - but when I mentally listed down the things that I need, the list FEELS as though it's never-ending.

Haven't bought maternity pads (didn't even think of it until a friend mentioned) - didn't know I'd be bleeding a month long after delivery. Hahaha. Haven't bought bottles, bottle warmer, steriliser, bath tub, diapers, milk powder, breast pump, breast pads, etc . . . .

I know that I could settle it all within a day. I was supposed to do research on items but somehow, that never gained traction on my "to do" list. SO many brands out there, you're pretty much spoiled for choice.

When I went for my 7 month check up, I asked the doctor whether she knew roughly when I'd deliver and she told me that the baby will be delivered around 2 weeks earlier from my expected due date (12 Jan 2016), which means that I could be delivering on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day or maybe, even earlier, during Christmas (who knows!).

I was looking forward to having a January baby but the doctor told me that it'd be good that if it's a December baby, because the baby can start school earlier and a year won't be 'wasted' . . .  HMMM.

Anyhow, again, I'm focusing on non-material items of hoping that the baby's birthday doesn't fall on a festive occassion (kiasu me) because it'll steal the baby's birthday limelight. Hahaha.

BUT after that appointment, everything just started to sink in that in about 2 months or less, I would be experiencing a life changing moment and I can't get over it, until now. I've been telling Mike the same thing everyday - I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

BUT, Mike is OH SO CALM and it annoys me (because he's not the one giving birth). Some people have informed me that it is even worse to have a frantic and 'kan cheong' husband but when he is too calm, I feel that all the worrying will fall on my shoulders and that I alone will have to look out for the baby.

As I lay in bed, I know that I will miss my alone time with my bolster and comforter. Having the flexibility of time of doing the things as I please. And I only have WEEKS left to enjoy these very last moments that I will truly cherish until a new chapter begins.

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