Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cottage Cafe @ The Berry Farm

Typically, whenever I plan a holiday, one of the important items that I HAVE to do is to try out the recommended restaurants on blogs/websites/friend's referrals.

Read about the Cottage Cafe on Trip Advisor and made a reservation for lunch on our first day at Margaret River.

It kept raining on and off throughout the day, unfortunately and it was pretty cold.

Hot chocolate on a cold day. Bliss.

I had the tartlet. It tasted very healthy. Haha.

Soup to share (food portions here are huge btw).

Mike's beef pie. It was SO filling!

The main attraction of this place are the birds. There are tons of birds all around and as they are so used to people, don't be surprised to see them land at your table and pecking at your unattended food.

The scones were good. The boysenberry pie - not really a big fan. I reckon it would taste so much better if it were served with some good ol' ice cream instead of fresh cream.

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