Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Al Forno, Busselton

Al Forno was recommended by the owners of the B&B. They gave us a couple of suggestions of eateries around the B&B and the moment I saw that Al Forno had risotto, I just knew I had to go there :)

The place was packed ! We did have to wait for our food for quite awhile. 

And funnily enough, when travelling around Margaret River, you will tend to see the same tourists you saw throughout the day at the same places. I saw the same tourists at the Chocolate Factory, at the Busselton Jetty and even at Al Forno.

Seems as though there's no where else to go. Hahaha.

Mike wanted to order chips.

I asked him, "Don't you want your soup, as usual?"
Mike : Boring.

"How about some garlic bread?"
"Boring too. Let's get some chips."

Suddenly, chips became the most exciting appetiser for him -_-"

My chicken risotto. It was tasty!

Mike had the special pasta of the day - some seafood pasta.

It looked really good with the chunks of seafood in it but Mike told me that her prefers my pasta.
HOW flattering. Hahaha. I reckon it's because the pasta that I cook is super fattening and has lots of cheese. LOL.

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